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Kent Oil Company, Inc.


About Moly NRG

MOLY is short for Molybdenum, a metal which comes from the mineral Molybdenite. Molybdenum has several extremely important properties which can enhance the performance of lubricants. MOLY has an extremely low coefficient of friction, high compression strength, exceptional resistance to oxidation, and a natural affinity to clean metal surfaces. MOLY also retains these properties at high temperatures. When MOLY is used in lubricants, it can increase lubricity 3 to 4 times that of the oil, plus adds its other high performance properties.

The use of MOLY with Z16 PLUS creates the most dynamic lubricant known to man. The Z16 PLUS prepared surface accepts the MOLY plating action filling in and evening out the microscopic hills and valleys found in all metal surfaces. MOLY-plated surfaces not only slide over each other very easily, they are protected by the smooth, tough, low friction barrier MOLY with Z16PLUS.

Z16 PLUS is the trade name for Kent Oil Company’s super performance metal conditioner and cleaner.