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Kent Oil Company, Inc.


About Us

Kent Oil has been a manufacturer and supplier of high performance lubricants to industrial and mining customers for over 40 years. Kent Oil’s primary focus has historically been energy savings by optimizing lubrication systems and through the use of high performance lubricants that utilize colloidal molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) or Organo-Moly as well as unique and highly effective high performance additives in all lubricants in the product range.

Kent Oil offers a complete range of services and products to support our industrial customers. Kent Oil’s product range includes fluid lubricants and greases, both petroleum­ based and synthetic depending on our customers’ needs.

The philosophy behind Kent Oil Company is to manufacture and supply the optimum lubricant for the application. This is unlike conventional lubricant companies which develop lubricants based on the most economical way of using a barrel of crude oil, which is often from a well they explored and own. The fraction of crude suitable for use in lubricants makes up less than 1 % of a barrel. Kent Oil obtains the best lubricant base stocks available from a wide number of suppliers.