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Kent Oil products treat both metal surfaces and the fluids for maximum performance. Other products, such as oil treatments and gas treatments, are only treating the fluids.

Moly Gear Oil Treatment with Z16 PLUS significantly reduces friction in your manual transmission and differential. The result is more usable horsepower, smoother shifting, cooler operation, longer part life, and longer lubricant life.

Moly Automatic Transmission Treatment with Z16 PLUS cleans the sludge, gum, and varnish from vital parts of the transmission. This allows the transmission to shift smoother and last longer. Moly Automatic Transmission Treatment with Z16 PLUS also revitalizes your transmission seals and extends oxidation life of transmission fluid.

Moly Gasoline Treatment and Moly Diesel Fuel Treatment with Z16 PLUS are treatments for gasoline, diesel, and gasohol engines. These products increase the burn efficiency of fuel which can result in increased mileage, reduced emissions, and more power. They also keep you fuel system and engine clean and provide better fuel ignition, longer injector and injector pump life.

Very Simply.
Just add MOLY-EL with Z16 PLUS every time you change your oil.
Add MOLY-GT with Z16 PLUS to your gas tank at the next fill up.
Add MOLY-TS with Z16 PLUS to your automatic transmission after warm-up.
MOLY-GL with Z16 PLUS is added to your manual transmission and differential oils.
Add MOLY-DT with Z16 PLUS (summer or winter formula) to you diesel fuel tanks.

Nearly 80% of all engine wear occurs when you start your vehicle. This is called a cold dry start. When the engine has not been run for a few hours, the oil leaves “friction intense” areas, drains back into the oil pan and cools. When the engine is started, unlubricated metal parts grind against each other until the oil warms and begins to flow properly.

These products protect you engine from the harmful effects of cold dry starts. Additionally, the products help keep your engine clean, and reduce friction, wear, heat, fuel consumption, oil consumption, and emissions.

These products treat both metal surfaces and the fluids for maximum performance. Other products, such as oil treatments and gas treatments, are only treating the fluids.

No! Moly’s natural affinity for metals outperforms PTFE resins.

No. Lead was removed, by law, from gasoline and lubricants for environmental reasons.

Yes, The products have been used in all types of racing, including international Formula Car racing. They have been proven to provide increased usable horsepower, while at the same time providing dramatic reductions in engine, transmission, and differential wear.

Yes, with the super lubricating power of a MOLY-NRG formulation plus the cleaning power of Z16 PLUS, sticking valves and rings can be freed.

Yes, provided the filters are not bent or badly worn. Normal diesel noise is also reduced.

MOLY-NRG® is the registered trademark for Kent Oil Company’s proprietary formulations for extremely high performance lubricants and treatments.

Z16 PLUS is the trade name for Kent Oil Company’s super performance metal conditioner and cleaner

MOLY is short for Molybdenum, a metal which comes from the mineral Molybdenite. Molybdenum has several extremely important properties which can enhance the performance of lubricants. MOLY has an extremely low coefficient of friction, high compression strength, exceptional resistance to oxidation, and a natural affinity to clean metal surfaces. MOLY also retains these properties at high temperatures. When MOLY is used in lubricants, it can increase lubricity 3 to 4 times that of the oil, plus adds its other high performance properties.

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