Columbia Lubricants of FLA

Kent Oil Company, Inc.


Increased Lubricant Life and Performance

MOLY-NRG® Treatments not only treat the metal surfaces of the equipment, they also treat the oil itself. Nearly all lubricants contain additives which increase the performance of the base oil in specific areas. For example, there are viscosity index improvers, oxidation inhibitors, pour point depressants, etc. When a major oil company blends a lubricant, it combines the base oils with an additive package so the finished product will meet a certain minimum specification. Competition forces the manufacturer to meet this minimum specification at the lowest possible cost. The result is a lubricant that meets the minimum spec, but not much more. 

Most of the specifications are exactly what their names say – minimum specifications. Lubricants which meet the minimum specifications will generally provide ADEQUATE PROTECTION under NORMAL OPERATING CONDITIONS, and this leads to the next obvious question. Do you consider your equipment to be operating under normal conditions? Most people would have to answer no, especially when you consider lack of scheduled downtime for proper maintenance, demands for higher and higher productivity, and the equipment being forced to run at or above design capacity. 

This is where MOLY-NRG® Treatments come in. MOLY-NRG® Treatments enhance and fortify the oil in your equipment, thereby assuring maximum protection for the equipment. MOLY-NRG® Treatments are designed as highly concentrated formulas which boost the additive package of your current oil so the lubricant itself can stand up to the toughest applications, and at the same time it provides nearly all of the truly outstanding protection and performance of MOLY-NRG®, Lubricants with your current lubricants!