Columbia Lubricants of FLA

Kent Oil Company, Inc.


Maximum Protection with MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants.

 In the above section, we have seen how MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants can protect your equipment with MOLY-NRG® Plating Action, but this is only part of the protection provided by MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants!

MOLY-NRG® Treatments and lubricants contain a proprietary carrier for the solid film lubricant additives. Most of your equipment is not new which means it will have already been exposed to the effect of operation without MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants. In order to achieve the maximum performance, MOLY-NRG® needs to reach the metal surface. The proprietary carrier in MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants penetrates through the shellacs, varnish, and other byproducts that have probably formed inside your equipment as a result of the tremendous heat and pressure that has occurred during operation.

The proprietary carrier penetrates down to the surface of the metal, breaking up surface contaminants, and prepares the metal surface for MOL Y-NRG® Treatments and lubricants.