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Molybdenum and MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants

Commercially available molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) comes from a natural mineral “Molybdenite”. As far back as the gold rush days, prospectors found rich out-croppings of the mineral in Colorado. Settlers and prospectors used it to lubricate wagon axles. However, it was not until the 1920’s and 1930’s that any use was made of the mineral commercially.

Basically MoS2 (Moly) is a hexagon crystal compound composed of a lattice of layers of sulphur and molybdenum atoms. They retain their lamellar structure no matter how finely pulverized. Moly has a very low coefficient of friction even in heat ranges to 725°F. It has an extraordinary affinity to stick to clean metal surfaces, especially when burnished into the surfaces. This characteristic of Moly has made near-permanent lubrication of certain applications possible.

Today, the use of MoS2’s extraordinary lubricating properties are used in commercial and industrial applications ranging from racing vehicles to tractor trailer trucks. from precision high speed hand tools to heavy mining and earthmoving equipment, from textile spinning machines to coal pulverizers. In fact, MoS2 was used as a lubricant on the United State’s mission to the moon!

Why is MoS2 (Moly) suitable for nearly every application? Quite simply, it performs like no other lubricant known to man! Regardless of whether you run a fleet of vehicles, manufacture paper towels, mine gold out of the ground, or bottle orange juice – you use machinery and equipment. Regardless of the application, machinery and equipment require energy to run and maintenance to keep them operating. Moly can provide tremendous savings in energy consumption, maintenance costs, scheduled and unscheduled downtime, oil consumption and lost productivity.

In short, Moly can increase the productivity and efficiency of your equipment. At the same time, it will reduce your maintenance and operation costs while increasing your equipment part life by up to 1o times!

Molybdenum and MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants

MoS2 has extraordinary properties, but turning those properties into a useable, and completely reliable lubricant that can meet the most demanding applications across the world requires knowledge, experience, a dedication to quality, and a continuing quest to find and solve the most demanding lubrication problems faced by commercial and industrial customers around the world. 

MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants are a proprietary, chemically enhanced family of petroleum products developed by Kent Oil Company over the last 20 years. They are a result of Kent Oil Company’s dedication to providing the highest quality, best performing lubricants for the most demanding applications the world has to offer. 

When a phosphate chemical plant in Florida had a problem with lubricants solidifying because of ammonia fumes in the agitator gear boxes above the attack tanks, Kent Oil Company found the solution and gear box oil changes went from .2 months to 36 months and average gear box life went from 12 months to 6 years! 

When a steel mill invested money in new roll table gear boxes, Kent Oil Company provided the right lubricant, and after 24 months of operating under harsh conditions at temperatures of up to 400°F, engineers from the manufacturer examined the gears and machining marks were still visible!

Wien a mining company in Colorado wanted to find a way to reduce operation costs they tested a Kent Oil Company product in a 2,000 horsepower compressor that provided air to the mining activities 5,000 feet below the surface. The result – nearly $15,000.00 in energy savings per year!

What doMOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants do in a more ordinary application? Ask the owner of a small trucking company. He needed a competitive edge, and he got it in his Freightliner 425 Air to Air Cat with MOLY-NRG®: 

  • Miles per Gallon Increased by 15%
  • Oil Consumption Reduced by 60%
  • 11 more shipping days per year from reduced service and downtime!