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The Economics of MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants

Cost is a major consideration in every business around the world, and the prices of MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants are certainly a factor which must be considered. Will MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants provide a level of performance that will justify the cost, and what will the result be on overall maintenance and operation costs on an […]

Increased Lubricant Life and Performance

MOLY-NRG® Treatments not only treat the metal surfaces of the equipment, they also treat the oil itself. Nearly all lubricants contain additives which increase the performance of the base oil in specific areas. For example, there are viscosity index improvers, oxidation inhibitors, pour point depressants, etc. When a major oil company blends a lubricant, it […]

Maximum Protection with MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants.

 In the above section, we have seen how MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants can protect your equipment with MOLY-NRG® Plating Action, but this is only part of the protection provided by MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants!MOLY-NRG® Treatments and lubricants contain a proprietary carrier for the solid film lubricant additives. Most of your equipment is not new which means […]

Reduced Lubricant Consumption

Lubricant consumption can be divided into two separate areas: oil changes and lubricant loss.Oil changes due to additive depletion, or the lubricant’s loss of ability to provide lubrication, can be significantly reduced because MOLY-NRG® Lubricants are blended with the finest base oils available and a proprietary MOLY-NRG® Additive Package. MOLY-NRG® Treatments, with their highly concentrated formulas actually treat […]

MOLY-NRG® Plating Action and Reduced Friction

MOLY-NRG® is a “lamellar solid” metallic lubricant that has extraordinary properties. It has a melting point almost twice that of steel. It is able to support compressive loads of over 500,000 psi – well above the yield point of all except the most exotic alloy steels. It has a natural affinity to other metals. And […]

Molybdenum and MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants

Commercially available molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) comes from a natural mineral “Molybdenite”. As far back as the gold rush days, prospectors found rich out-croppings of the mineral in Colorado. Settlers and prospectors used it to lubricate wagon axles. However, it was not until the 1920’s and 1930’s that any use was made of the mineral commercially.Basically […]

The REAL Cost of Inadequate Lubrication

For most companies, the cost of lubrication is calculated by multiplying the price of the lubricant by the number of gallons used. Other companies add in the cost of applying the lubricant, including the cost of automatic equipment and salaries for lubrication personnel. And a few companies have even included technical services, reclamation and refining […]