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7 Plus Poly Moly Grease


7 Plus Poly Moly Grease is a fully formulated grease designed specifically for heavy industrial applications. Formulated with high quality components such as a lithium complex soap thickening system, Solid Metallic Lubricants and special synthetic components, 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease can withstand high shock loading, extreme pressure and the rigorous duty service often encountered in mining and industrial applications. Available in NLGI grades 1 and 2, the multipurpose features of 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease include highly effective water resistance, high temperature performance, superior mechanical stability, excellent oxidation resistance and unsurpassed rust protection properties. 

The incorporation of high molecular weight polymers increases adhesion to metal surfaces while enhancing the mechanical stability and controlling the rheopectic (liquefaction) tendency of greases often associated with high levels of equipment vibration. 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease demonstrates excellent shear stability over extended periods of time providing good sealing against the ingress of water, plant liquors and other contaminants. The superior metal-wetting properties of this product assure that, should contaminants contact metal surfaces, 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease can displace the contaminant and re-establish a protective lubricant film on the metal surface. The unsurpassed capabilities of 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease result in a product that outperforms conventional greases particularly in tough applications such as where large amounts of highly acidic or caustic plant liquors can get into the application as well ‘ls in other high contamination, high load and severe shock load operations. 

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120 lb. keg, 5 gallon pail, 14.5 oz. tube


7 Plus Poly Moly Grease is particularly designed for lubrication of heavy duty mining, industrial, construction and trucking equipment. The high level of Solid Metallic Lubricants and high molecular weight polymers provide for greater stability against mechanical shear down making this an ideal product for bearing and bushing applications subjected to high loads, shock loads or high levels of vibration such as in bucket pin bushings of mining excavators, shovels and draglines as well as in coal shaker screen bearings where high vibration and coal dust contamination are prevalent. The lithium complex thickening system results in a grease with no dropping point making 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease a good choice for elevated temperature applications such as in overhead conveyor trolley wheels in automotive assembly plant painting lines. The highly water resistant nature of the grease, in conjunction with 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease’s superior rust and corrosion protection as well as its thermal and mechanical shear stability are why 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease outperforms conventional products in the severe bearing applications associated with both the wet end and the dryer section of paper machines.


7 Plus Poly Moly Grease is a multipurpose product formulated to increase equipment life in severe duty operations, through superior lubrication protection. At the same time, 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease was formulated to permit the extension of lubrication cycles. As a result of 7 Plus Poly Moly Grease’s effectiveness, cost reductions associated with parts replacement, lost production, labor, downtime, lubricants and lubricant inventory are possible.