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Aluminum Complex Grease


Kent Oil’s Aluminum Complex Grease series consists of high performance lubricants manufactured from the highest quality base fluids and additive components currently available. Smooth, dark amber in color and available in NLGI grades 1 and 2, these greases offer versatility and multipurpose capability particularly where resistance to softening, when subjected to mechanical shear and elevated temperatures, is considered of paramount importance. To further increase their versatility and depending on the user’s choice, these products are offered either with or without the additional wear and EP protection of Kent Oil’s exclusive blend of MoS2 and other Solid Metallic Lubricants. Should the additional wear and EP protection of Solid Metallic Lubricants be requested then the resulting grease will take on a dark gray hue. Whether or not addition of the moly blend is desired, Kent’s Aluminum Complex Grease formulations always include a full treatment of rust, oxidation, corrosion, wear and EP additives assuring superior performance in service. As a result of the exemplary mechanical and thermal stability of these products, resistance to water wash is also excellent. 

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120 lb. keg, 5 gallon pail, 14.5 oz. tube


Aluminum Complex Greases are excellent multipurpose lubricants for automotive, truck, farm, mining, industrial and marine applications. Due to superior resistance to mechanical shear, heat, shock loads and water wash, the user can expect superlative performance in disc brake wheel bearings as well as in other elevated temperature applications where grease stability is essential. Used extensively in mills of the steel industry, due to high temperature and mechanical stability as well as their resistance to excessive water wash, these greases have held up under some of the harshest and most difficult conditions possible.


Aluminum Complex Grease may be used in a wide variety of applications and may be delivered by virtually any commonly used grease delivery system. In particular, these lubricants were designed for use in many of the large centralized automatic lubrication systems used virtually throughout industrial and mining operations. Many of these centralized lube systems are extensive, intricate and may have numerous bends in the grease delivery pipes and tubing. This makes grease pumpability of paramount importance for even the best greases are poor lubricants if they can’t be pumped from the drum to the application where they’re needed! In consideration of this, Aluminum Complex Greases contain a low soap content so that they are readily pumpable even through the most intricate and extensive centralized lube systems and the smallest lines commonly in service. The high quality of Kent Oil’s Aluminum Complex Greases assures the user of incomparable equipment protection as well as re-lubrication cycle extensions previously considered unreachable due to the use of conventional greases. Through extensions in parts service life and increased production as a result of reduced equipment downtime in conjunction with extended re-lubrication cycles, use of Kent’s Aluminum Complex Grease series assures the user of reductions in overall operating costs, something of critical importance in the competitive climate of today’s world economic markets.