Columbia Lubricants of FLA

Kent Oil Company, Inc.


“F” Series Grease


The “F” Series Grease by Kent Oil is blended using the latest developments in an inorganic gelling agent as thickener in conjunction with a high molecular weight polymeric petroleum oil base fluid. “F” Series Grease formulation also includes chemical rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors as well as effective anti-wear and extreme pressure (EP) additives. Kent’s “F” Series Grease, available in NLGI 2 grade, exhibits no dropping point, making this grease well suited for elevated temperature applications where dripping is a concern. This grease is also water resistant, a desired characteristic in food and beverage processing industries due to the :frequent washing down of equipment with high pressure, high temperature equipment such as the “HOTSY” high pressure hot water spraying system.

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120 lb. keg, 5 gallon pail, 14.5 oz. tube


The “F” Series Grease displays excellent mobility characteristics over a wide temperature range making it a good choice for use in food and beverage industries where lubricant delivery lines are often long and involve numerous bends that result in increased back pressure that can present a challenge to automatic lubricant delivery equipment. The “F” Series Grease is also recommended for service in applications where contamination from acids, caustic ammonia and chlorine are likely.


The unique combination of the inorganic gelling agent as the grease thickener, high quality base fluids and exceptional additive components assures that the “F” Series Grease will provide excellent lubricating service allowing for reductions in cost of operation through extensions in re-lubrication frequency as well as increased service life of parts and equipment.