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Kent Oil Company, Inc.


GP 500 Grease


Kent Oil’s GP 500 Grease is a specially formulated product designed for the lubrication of high speed precision anti-friction (rolling element) bearings. Formulated using only the highest quality base fluids known for superior film strength and oxidative stability as well as of the correct viscosity grade for high speed bearing applications, the GP 500 Grease formulation is further enhanced with a complete anti-wear, EP, rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibited chemical additive package. In addition, GP 500 Grease contains MoS2 Solid Metallic Lubricant of the proper grade and treatment rate providing even greater wear and EP protection. GP 500 Grease is available in an NLGI 1 grade.

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120 lb. keg, 5 gallon pail, 14.5 oz. tube


GP 500 Grease is particularly well-suited for lubrication of high speed ball and roller bearings and is an excellent multipurpose product as well. Although the Solid Metallic Lubricant grade of MoS2 selected for use is the sub-micron precision grade for high speed anti-friction bearings, this product is also recommended for use in plain bearings and bushings as well as on guides, gibs, slides, couplings and cams where a high quality multipurpose grease is specified or required. Typical applications for GP 500 Grease are numerous and include: Roof fan motors in a variety of industrial plants such as automotive plants, as a compressor motor bearing grease in a the cement, pulp & paper, tire manufacturing industries, in tail shaft bearings of the fiberglass manufacturing industry bat curing ovens, as well as conveyor line bearing lubrication in open cut mining operations.


The special formula developed for GP 500 Grease incorporates the MOLY-NRG concept of economy through quality where the high quality nature of the product not only allows for extensions in the lubricant’s service life, but also extends the working life of the equipment being lubricated. Concepts such as using only the correct amount of a precision grade of MoS2 in the formulation of the grease assures that optimum protection will be provided to the equipment resulting in reductions in operating costs from areas such as:

  • Increased parts life
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced downtime
  • Extended re-lubrication cycles
  • Reduced labor
  • Reduced spare parts & lubricant inventories

Through the use of GP 500 Grease, cost reductions such as just described are possible.