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Kent Oil Company, Inc.


Heating Oil Treament with Z16 PLUS


MOLY-NRG® Heating Oil Treatment with Z16 PLUS brings the extraordinary performance of a MOLY-NRG® formulation to the world of heating oil.

Quality, performance, and a dedication to excellence have made Kent Oil Company a leader in industrial lubricant and fuel and oil treatments. Our reputation is second to none, and we know that with every product our reputation is on the line. When we considered the possibility of a MOLY-NRG® Heating Oil Treatment, we knew it would have to be the finest heating oil treatment available.

We reached our goal, and the result is MOLY-NRG® Heating Oil Treatment with Z16 PLUS. It exceeds the Kent Oil Company standards of quality, performance, and excellence that have been the hallmarks of Kent Oil Company’s twenty-year history.

MOLY-NRG® Heating Oil Treatment with Z16 PLUS is formulated to meet all the needs of a heating oil treatment Deposit clean-up and control, anti-icing, corrosion control, water dispersion and cold flow improvement are all part of the performance of MOLY-NRG® Heating Oil Treatment with Z16PLUS.

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55 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail, 1 gallon, 12 oz. bottles