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Kiln Spray


Kent Oil’s Kiln Spray is a concentrated lubricant composed of Solid Metallic Lubricants in a water-based carrier and designed for spray application in a wide variety of applications. Once applied, and after carrier evaporation, Kiln Spray forms a tough, durable and uniform dry film lubricant coating and may be used on surfaces where temperatures can exceed 600F/316C. Being a suspension in water, Kiln Spray is smokeless, nonflammable and non-toxic when applied and in service. Kiln Spray provides excellent lubricity and is an ideal lubricant where high temperatures, or other considerations rule out conventional lubricants or dry film lubricants with a flammable carrier base. Provided in the form of a concentrate, Kiln Spray can be diluted with ordinary plant water for maximum economy.

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55 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail

Kiln Spray is recommended for use in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Cement and gypsum kiln slipper pads, trunnions and kiln tire support rolls
    Lubrication of kiln tire slipper pads is essential to allow the free slippage of the tire on the kiln shell as the kiln circumference and diameter expand on heating. If the tire is not able to slip freely, then severe tire damage, including cracking, can occur resulting in necessary tire replacement and concomitant costs of lost productivity, labor and downtime. Proper lubrication of slipper pads, to reduce the costs associated with kiln tire replacement, is easy through the application of Kiln Spray using a spraying wand.
  •  Aluminum die casting and extrusion
    Reduction in die wear means increased die Life and reductions in replacement, lost productivity and downtime.
  • Glass bottle molds
    Good release properties allow for reductions in parts sticking equating to reduced parts re-work costs.
  • Rubber tire manufacturing molds
    As a tire mold spray and for use on the screw downs, wear and costs are reduced and productivity is increased.
  • Elevated temperature stamped chains operating in dusty environments
    Dusty environments limit the use of fluid lubricants as airborne dust can adhere to the lubricant and actually increase wear. Dry film lubricants don’t bold dust and Kiln Spray’s excellent lubricity allows for effective lubrication thereby reducing chain replacement costs.

Kiln Spray’s formulation is free of heavy metals and phosphates, generates no toxic fumes or gases and contributes to improving plant environments.

DILUTION: Kiln Spray is supplied as a concentrate that can be normally diluted with ordinary plant water prior to use. For proper dilution, it’s important to ADD WATER TO THE CONCENTRATE AND NOT THE REVERSE! Stir the concentrate thoroughly while adding a small portion of the total water to be added. Continue to stir until the diluted mixture is homogeneous. Continue to add the remaining water to achieve the final dilution desired.
DILUTION RATIOS: Dilution ratios vary according to the parameters of the intended application(s), by re-application frequencies and by experience within the application(s). For initial trials, Kent Oil recommends a ratio of one part Kiln Spray to five parts water, by volume, adjusting dilution as experience and re-lubrication frequencies dictate. Properly applied, Kiln Spray imparts a dull gray sheen to metal surfaces once the carrier has evaporated. Should shiny spots become apparent on the metal surfaces, then dilution has been over-extended for the re-lubrication cycles of the application. In that case, increase the % by volume of Kiln Spray in the dilution or increase re-lubrication frequency cycles.