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MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™


MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ is a lubricant that is specially formulated to provide maximum lubrication and protection for all types of open gear applications, and it is packaged in convenient aerosol cans. MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ utilizes Solid Metallic Lubricants as friction modified to provide anti-wear and EP protection. In combination with an optimum and complete chemical additive package as well as high quality base fluids noted for exceptional film strength and oxidative stability, MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ assures unsurpassed protection to open gearing in heavy duty service. Special adhesive agents included in the MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ formulation result in lubricants that has the ability to resist fling off or squeeze out even when subjected to high contact pressures. As a result, MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ stays on gear surfaces and continue to provide the optimum protection particularly necessary when equipment is subjected to severe conditions. When subjected to heavy loads, the Solid Metallic Lubricants included in the formulations form a plating action on the metal surfaces burnishing into the peaks and valleys or asperities that are present on all, even the most finely finished, metal surfaces. These solid film lubricants protect against damage resulting from severe shock loading, minimize friction and insure maximum gear life. Exceptional rust and corrosion inhibition properties, elevated temperature resistance and high load-carrying capability provide maximum protection to even the most heavily loaded gearing.

MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ is blended with carefully selected components and are not considered a hazardous waste by the EPA. These products contain no asphaltic compounds, solvents, nor any components thought or known to be carcinogens, teratogens or hallucinogens. As a result, use of MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ can result in significant reductions in spent lubricant disposal costs. Due to the highly effective lubrication properties of MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™, consumption can be dramatically reduced through less lubricant application per lubrication cycle.

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14.5 oz. aerosol can


MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ lubricant is recommended for use on virtually all types of open gearing operating in either commercial, industrial or mining service and in either mobile or stationary equipment. The following are just a few examples of the many severe duty applications in which these lubricants have performed successfully:


  • Cement-Kiln and ball mill open gearing
  • Pulp & Paper-Paper machine open gearing
  • Mining – Dragline center pintle, roller circle, propel equipment. sheaves, wire ropes, drum lays
  • Shovel swing rack & pinion, track bushings, bogie wheels, dipper sticks 


MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ is designed to provide maximum performance to equipment operating under severe service conditions by providing:

  • Extended Gear Life
  • Reduced friction & Wear
  •  High Load Carrying Capacity
  • Easy Application
  • Reduced Lubricant Consumption
  • Non-Hazardous

By reducing friction and wear, equipment parts life is extended resulting in reductions in operating costs through the minimization of labor, lost production, downtime, parts inventory and energy requirements.

NOTE: MOLY-NRG Gear Blanket™ is formulated with special ingredient which eliminate clogging problems typically associated with aerosol open gear lubricants.