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Seal Conditioner Treatment


Kent Oil Company’s Seal Conditioner Treatment is a revolutionary product designed to solve a significant problem in mining, industrial, and automotive applications. Leaking seals can cause problems that can range from housekeeping headaches to catastrophic equipment failures.

Many times, the cause of leaking seals is not a damaged or broken seal, instead the seal has either lost its resiliency or decreased in size as a result of being in service for an extended period of time or exposure to harsh operating environments. The result is a loss in the seal’s ability to prevent fluid loss or prevent contamination intrusion, and in most cases the seal can be restored with the use of Kent Oil Company’s Seal Conditioner Treatment.

This remarkable formulation combines state-of-the-art technology and results-oriented engineering to produce a product that restores resiliency and reverses shrinkage in leaking seaJs. In many cases, Seal Conditioner Treatment may be all that is required to stop seal leakage.

The benefits of Seal Conditioner Treatment can be tremendous in terms of reducing maintenance and repair costs increased productivity from reduced downtime, and extended equipment life. Kent Oil Company’s Seal Conditioner Treatment is compatible with both synthetic and mineral oil lubricants commonJy in use as well as ATF.

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55 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail, 1 gallon, 12 oz. bottles

Typical benefits of Seal Conditioner Treatment are:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Extended Service Intervals
  • Reduced Housekeeping
  • Reduced Environmental Contamination and Associated Costs 

NOTE: Seal Conditioner Treatment is an extremely concentrated formulation and treatment ratio should NEVER exceed l % by volume.