Columbia Lubricants of FLA

Kent Oil Company, Inc.


Super Gear Oil with Boron


MOL Y-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron are premium multi-grade EP gear lubricants manufactured from high viscosity index paraffinic base oils. Formulated with a unique extreme pressure additive system that utilizes an inorganic borate compound, MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron offer a higher level of protection to gear sets operated severe service. The MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron formulations also include a full complement rust, oxidation, corrosion and foam inhibition additive package making these products ideally suited for use in gear sets exposed to extremely high loads and elevated temperatures. 

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55 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail, 1 gallon

MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron are excellent for all types of automotive and industrial applications where an EP-type lubricant is specified or required. These lubricants are particularly well suited for those applications operating under severe temperature and load conditions. Additionally, MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron may be used as top off or for complete refill of limited slip differentials and are recommended for use in both transmissions and axles of Class 8 trucks.

MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron excellent wear protection exceptional thermal and oxidation stability as well as superior EP and anti-wear performance result in increased gear life as well as extended lubricant change out cycles. MOLY-­NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron are available in SAE grades 75W-90, 80W-90 and 85W-140. The 80W-90 and 85W-140 grades meet or exceed performance requirements for MIL-L-2105D, Mack GO-G & GO-Hand API Service Classifications, GL-4 and GL-5.

Tests have proven that MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron provide a wear protection film 3 to 5 times thicker than that of conventional sulfur-phosphorOl.s extreme pressure oils. The inorganic borate film is composed of compounds that do not react through corrosive chemical means on metal surfaces as do typical sulfur-phosphorous EP additives. Instead, the borate compounds form a tenacious film on heavily loaded metal surfaces providing superior gear protection in addition to improving thermal stability as high loads are encountered. By minimizing friction, cooler operating temperatures have been observed resulting in extended gear and lubricant life. MOL Y-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron also exhibit improved moisture tolerance and superior seal compatibility over many conventional borate gear lubricants.

HIGH LOAD·CARRYING CAPABILITY: Test results show Timken OK Load and contact pressure capabilities superior to conventional EP-type lubricants. This means increased equipment protection and reductions in unscheduled downtime.

REDUCED WEAR: Excellent EP and anti-wear properties assure longer life to gears and bearings.

SEAL COMPATIBILITY: Excellent compatibility with all commonly used elastomers results in no adverse affects on seal materials when using MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron at temperatures as high as 350F/l 77C.

LONGER LUBRICANT LIFE: The outstanding thermal and oxidation stability of MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron allow extended lubricant change out cycles that are, oftentimes, more than double the intervals possible with conventional gear lubricants. As a result, significant lubricant savings are possible.

POTENTIAL ENERGY SAYINGS: The remarkably low frictional properties of MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron can further increase savings through reductions in energy requirements.

LUBRICANT INVENTORY SAVINGS: Due to their unsurpassed multi-grade characteristics, use of the MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils with Boron allow for lubricant inventory cost reductions as the same lubricant may be used for year round service rather than having to undergo seasonal change outs.