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Super Gear Oil


MOL Y-NRG Super Gear Oils comprise a series of fully formulated EP gear lubricants designed for service in all applications where extreme pressure (EP) rated gear lubricants are specified or required. These lubricants are the result of intense research and development to produce the finest multi-grade, heavy duty EP gear oils available today. MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils are formulated using select, highly refined base stocks with superior film-forming characteristics. Toe lubricant film durability is further enhanced through the addition of highly shear stable VI improvers, EP and anti-wear additives as well as a complete and effective rust, oxidation, corrosion inhibitor and antifoam package. Additionally, Solid Metallic Lubricants have also been incorporated into these gear oils. As a result, MOL Y-NRG Super Gear Oils meet or exceed MIL-L-21 OSD, U.S. Steel 224 and AGMA 250.04 requirements.

Oftentimes, gear oil manufacturers can sacrifice lubricant film strength through the use of non-shear stable polymeric VI improvers in multi-grade formulations. As a result, equipment protection can be compromised as the polymers breakdown in service potentially resulting in dramatic drops in lubricant viscosity which can result in equipment damage. With the MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oil series, equipment protection is assured as only the most shear stable polymeric VI improvers available on the market today are utilized in their formulation. As a result, this new generation of multi-purpose gear lubricants can reduce inventory requirements while not compromising equipment protection.

Due to the incorporation of effective friction modifiers as well as the superior film strength provided by the base oils used, electric power requirements can be lowered substantially as a result of reduced friction. The advanced concepts of lubricant formulation, including the use of select Solid Metallic Lubricants, is well demonstrated by the superior performance of this series of lubricants.

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55 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail, 1 gallon

MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils are recommended for use in any and all types of gear drive units, either automotive or industrial where an EP-type lubricant is either specified or required and where either plain or anti-friction bearings are in service. Due to the incorporation of highly effective Solid Metallic Lubricants in the formulations, These lubricants have been found to perform well even in applications where only typically unstable compounded oils were specified previously. In fact, these lubricants may be used to lubricate ways, gibs, guides and slides as well.

MOLY-NRG Super Gear Oils represent a new generation of products which, through their superior lubrication and friction reduction capabilities, can reduce operating costs by lowering operating temperatures, conserve energy, reduce inventory requirements, improve equipment protection and increase productivity by minimizing unscheduled downtime.

NOTE: Kent Oil’s #69 heavy duty gear lubricant is designed to meet the severe demands of extreme cold weather operations without compromising equipment protection through the use of a multi-grade lubricants.