Columbia Lubricants of FLA

Kent Oil Company, Inc.


Super Motor Oils


MOLY-NRG Super Motor Oils are a series of scientifically developed world class multi-grade oils designed for the lubrication of today’s hard-working internal combustion engines. The very highest quality components available, including the latest developments in crankcase lubricating oil additive technology, have been incorporated into these exceptional products. Superior additive technology as well as Kent Oil’s precise manufacturing procedures and stringent quality control requirements assures the user of truly super multi-grade engine oil performance. 

MOLY-NRG Super Motor Oils meet and exceed all performance level requirements for the latest API passenger car service classifications, SH and SJ, as well as API commercial classifications CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, and CF/SJ. Available in SAE 10W-40, 15W-40 and 20W-50 grades, these excep­tional formulations result in performance levels exceeding the requirements of MIL-L-2104E, MIL-L-46152D, MIL-L-46152E, ACEA E-3-96, E-5-99, Mack EO-M Plus, Detroit Diesel Allison and Cummins CE 5 20076, E-5-99, Volvo VDS-2, D-B 228-3.

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55 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail, 1 gallon, 32 oz. quart can


MOLY-NRG Super Motor Oils are recommended for use in virtually all types of mobile and stationary internal combustion engines, and they are suitable for nearly all types of fuels including gasoline, gasohol blends and diesel as well as LP gas fuels commonly in service today. These oils are also well suited to provide outstanding service in stationary engines. The high performance additives of the formulations assure durability and long life which are of particular importance when operat­ing in the severe duty requirements of turbocharged and supercharged engines. 


Even under the most severe operating conditions, maximum fuel economy, engine protection and extended lubricant life are assured through the use of premium quality ingredients and precise manufacturing control. As a result, significant cost reductions in parts, spare parts inventory and downtime are achievable. In actual operation, the lubricant’s service life may be extended by as much as five times that of conventional oils, or more, further lowering operating costs clue to reduced lubricant consumption. 

NOTE: These lubricants are not recommended for use in EMD engines.