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Kent Oil Company, Inc.


SYN-Aluminum Complex EP Grease


Kent Oil’s SYN-Aluminum Complex EP Grease is a long life, fully formulated high temperature EP synthetic grease. Designed for applications where grease drippage is considered unacceptable and where it’s necessary for the grease in service to resist premature degradation due to thermal stress, SYN­-Aluminum Complex EP Grease is an ideal choice to assure unsurpassed equipment protection and long grease life. Available in an NLGI #2 grade, SYN-Aluminum Complex EP Grease is also recommended for use as a multi-service lubricant for plant-wide use. The ISO 100 viscosity grade base fluid makes SYN-Aluminum Complex EP Grease ideal for use in high speed rolling element bearings where speeds may exceed 2500 rpm. The fully oil soluble additive treatment package includes highly effective extreme pressure (EP) additives to assure that equipment is well protected even when subjected to high load regimes as well as shock loading. The synthetic base fluid used provides oxidation stability that surpasses that which is possible with conventional petroleum-based greases. The base fluid’s high viscosity index, low pour point and durable film strength all contribute to the product’s overall superior performance over a wide temperature range. The aluminum complex thickening system used results in a grease that has no dropping point further expanding the grease’s wide temperature operating range. The use of an aluminum complex thickening systems results in a grease that is highly shear stable in that it resists softening when subjected to extreme mechanical and thermal stress as well as being resistant to water washout, a critical factor in applications subjected to high levels of water contamination or frequent wash downs.

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120 lb. keg, 5 gallon pail, 14.5 oz. tube

SYN-Aluminum Complex EP Grease is recommended for use in bushing and anti-friction (rolling element) bearings where elevated temperatures, severe and shock load conditions, water ingress and high speeds are important considerations. Its multi-service characteristics make it possible for use, not only in high temperature applications, but in virtually all bearing and bushing applications where a heavy duty EP grease is considered necessary or required. Being a synthetic grease allows for the use of SYN-Aluminum Complex EP Grease over a broad temperature that includes a higher and lower temperature operating range than is possible with most petroleum-based greases.

The shear stable nature of SYN-Aluminum Complex EP Grease, in conjunction with its inherently high VI base fluid and full complement of chemical EP, AW rust and corrosion inhibitors allows for substantial cost savings through extensions in lubricant service life, increased productivity and parts protection. The multi-service nature of the grease allows for additional cost savings through reductions in lubricant inventory requirements.