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Reduced Lubricant Consumption

Lubricant consumption can be divided into two separate areas: oil changes and lubricant loss.

Oil changes due to additive depletion, or the lubricant’s loss of ability to provide lubrication, can be significantly reduced because MOLY-NRG® Lubricants are blended with the finest base oils available and a proprietary MOLY-NRG® Additive Package. MOLY-NRG® Treatments, with their highly concentrated formulas actually treat the oil when added to conventional lubricants. 

MOLY-NRG®, Treatments and Lubricants provide maximum oil performance, allowing the lubricant to provide effective lubrication for longer periods of time. This reduces lubricant consumption, downtime and lost productivity, and best of all MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants give you the option of either treating your current lubricants with a MOLY-NRG® Treatment, or using a fully formulated MOLY-NRG® Lubricant. This gives you the freedom to achieve a level of performance close to that of the finest fully formulated specialty lubricants with your current lubricants and supplier! 

Oil changes due to lubricant contamination is another source of high .lubricant consumption, and even MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants can do little to reduce lubricant consumption that results from contamination by abrasives, fuel, etc. The only solution to this type of contamination and lubricant loss is to find and eliminate or minimize the source of contamination. 

There is however, one major area of lubricant contamination that MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants are formulated to solve, and this applies to all types of internal combustion engines. When fuel, especially diesel fuel, is burned in an internal combustion engine one of the byproducts of combustion is acid which contaminates the motor oil. MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants are formulated to give maximum protection from the acid and the resulting drop in motor oil TBN. MOLY-NRG® Treatments can raise the TBN of your current motor oil and give it the ability to provide superior lubrication for a longer period of time. 

As we mentioned in the beginning paragraph of this section, the, second area where MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants can reduce lubricant consumption is lubricant loss. 

The list of causes of lubricant loss is virtually endless, and many of these are well beyond the ability of any lubricant to control. There are,, however, certain types of lubricant loss that can be controlled by the lubricant, and of course, MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants are formulated to give maximum performance in these areas. 

MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants are formulated with the highest quality seal conditioners available. These conditioners actually rejuvenate the seals. They can significantly reduce seal leakage, and in some cases completely eliminate lubricant loss around the seal. 

Another area where MOLY-NRG® Treatments and lubricants can provide incredible performance in lubricant loss is in internal combustion engines. 

Cylinder blow-by occurs where the piston rings seal against the cylinder wall. Cylinder blow-by is a leading cause of oil consumption in internal combustion engines, especially in older engines.

In the previous section we talked about MOLY-NRG® Plating Action and how it fills the area between the asperities of the metal with tightly packed submicron size MoS2 MOLY-NRG®. Plating Action has the same effect on the surfaces of the piston rings and the cylinder walls. The result is a greatly improved seal between the piston ring and cylinder wall. In fact, MOLY-NRG® Treatments and Lubricants can actually reduce oil consumption by 60% or more!